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5 Tips For Succeeding With Mobile Native Ads

One study found users were 25 percent more likely to look at a native ad than they were at a banner, and that they looked at them 53 percent more frequently. The same study also found that users were much more likely to share a native ad, which is a huge benefit to the format. And given the higher engagement rates, incorporating native ads will impact a publisher's bottom line significantly. Here is an example: Mobile banners: $.10 CPC on a banner ad gets 0.5 percent CTR = $0.5 eCPM = $5,000 net payment to the publisher if served on 10MM views. Native ads (averaged over native ads publishers): $.30 CPC on a real piece of content gets a 2 percent CTR = $6.00 net CPM = $60,000 net payment to the publisher if served on 10MM views. Tap into RTB native demand to expand monetization efforts For publishers, RTB marketplaces offer great opportunities to capture demand that extends well beyond the reach or expertise of an in-house sales team. New technologies allow advertisers to scale programmatic ad buying and put relevant ads in front of consumers based on real-time data. Now that native is coming to many exchanges, you can tap into programmatic demand for that format in addition to banners. With more demand now migrating to exchanges, and the targeting data layer becoming larger and more robust, advertisers can access unique opportunities to reach consumers. Another benefit of programmatic demand is that it allows a publisher to scale direct sales efforts by using RTB as the delivery method for direct buys. RTB platforms generally have better campaign management and targeting capabilities that will improve a publisher's workflow and campaign delivery. Be sure to provide analytics and reporting tools and incorporate viral lift Helping buyers understand the total value of your native ad offering is key in scaling demand. Viral sharing and engagement numbers should be incorporated into the full analysis for customers, to help quantify the success of the campaign. For example LinkedIn does this by combining all shares and clicks into a single engagement number in its campaign reports. Facebook also does something very similar. Because viral lift from sharing can be significant, a publisher wants to make ad buyers aware of its impact on its campaigns.

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